Year-round Exhibition for Foods, Cosmetics and Supplements – New Sales Channel™ has been working with a major importer/distributor in China, Brandyond, to offer food, beauty product and supplement companies in the United States an opportunity to exhibit their products in China year-round and free of charge. And in the exhibition hall with more than 5,000 m², sales representatives stand ready to sell your products on site. Traditionally, companies pay a hefty price to showcase their products for a couple of days at a trade show in Shanghai or Guangzhou. The conventional exhibition serves as a means of marketing, but not sales.

Brandyond and™ realized that it is critical for customers and business partners to view tangible products, not merely pictures, before they make a purchasing decision. With private investment, Brandyond was able to win support from the government of Guangzhou, one of the most modernized cities in China to run the year-round exhibition. The innovative approach is expected to promote sales more effectively. Brandyond has already built an ecommerce platform that is used by tens of thousands of retailers.

Companies that are ready to sell their foods, cosmetics/beauty products or dietary supplements to China contact us ASAP as the exhibition space is limited.™ will represent your company to distribute or re-sell your products in the Chinese market. Particularly welcome are baby products, maternal care products, beauty products, natural/organic foods and dietary supplements. This exhibition opportunity is poised to boost the sales power Brandyond and have already acquired to reach customers nationwide in China.

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