Let us be your sourcing agent

Purchasing ingredients or consumer products from another country carries high risk.  The price may be too high and the quality may not meet the product specification.  A cost-effective sourcing agent is highly desired by small and mid-sized companies.   Nutrishop.com™  as a brokerage firm helps those companies to source the ingredients/products cost-effectively.  Nutrishop.com is now part of foodagency.com.

从另一个国家采购成分或消费品的风险很高。 价格可能太高,质量可能不符合产品规格。 一个具有成本效益的采购代理商是中小型企业非常希望的。 Nutrishop.com™作为经纪公司帮助这些公司以成本有效的方式获取成分/产品。