Event – Reaction Meat Flavor Training Course on March 19 to 21

Once again, Dick Heinz, a well-known senior consultant flavorist, and colleagues are going to offer their 3-day reaction flavor training course on March 19 to 21, 2105.
Reaction Meat Flavor Course, offered by FKS Inc.
In the 3-day laboratory hands-on course, 12 attendees will create three to four meat flavors using various pressure reactions.

Attendees will learn how to create both delicate and roasted flavors, and add top notes. The created flavors will also be added to an application for evaluation.

The course is good for junior flavorists and even senior flavorists who are not familiar with reaction flavors or savory flavors or meat flavors.  It may also be good for senior savory flavorists who want to learn how other flavorists do to create reaction meat flavors.

Only 12 attendees are accepted due to the space limitation.

For more information, read on here.

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