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As a food company, you may have used the IFT annual food expo.  Participating in such an food expo, you can establish new contacts and explore new potential business.  But that food expo only lasts for a couple of days and what you can do is very limited.  After all, not all the professionals in the food industry including business executives, sales managers and product managers attend such an food expo.  As a result, your food exhibition may not get you enough of what you always most want – sales leads quickly enough.

To maximize the exposure of your food products, food ingredients, packaging materials, laboratory services or toll manufacturing services to the whole food industry on a daily basis, is going to provides you with an online food expo platform to show-case their products 24/7 and 365 days a year and generate sales leads instantly when your prospective buyers search on the platform for your products.

This online food expo platform is available for food companies worldwide.  Fodo companies are encouraged to submit their company and product information for the expo.  The staff at will get your information into the system and assign you credentials so that you may update your information at any time you want to.

In addition to the online food expo platform, will also build a product database for your prospective buyers to search online or offline with assistance from  Your buyers can get online to do their search themselves or they can simply call us to inquire about the product they are interested in buying.  At that point, we can refer the buyers to YOU, the seller.  This is a complementary service to the online food expo platform.

Also do not forget that can represent your company to conduct business in the United States and China to help you sell your products in these two countries.  This service can help foreign  food exporters to sell their products to the U.S.  and or China without difficult imposed by the difference in time zones and language barriers.  This service greatly facilitates international transactions.

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作为食品公司,您可能已经使用IFT年度食品博览会。参加这样的食品博览会,您可以建立新的联系人并探索新的潜在的业务。但是,这个食品博览会只能持续几天,你所能做的很有限。毕竟,并不是食品行业的所有专业人士,包括企业高管,销售经理和产品经理参加这样的食品博览会。因此,您的食品展览会可能无法让您满足您足够快获取最需要的 销售线索。

为了最大限度地将食品,食品原料,包装材料,实验室服务或加工制造服务最大限度地覆盖整个食品行业,nutrishop.com将为您提供一个在线食品展示平台,您可以展示您的产品, 全天候和一年365天,当您的潜在买家在您的产品的平台上搜索时,立即产成销售线索。

这个在线食品展示平台可供全球食品公司使用。 欢迎食品公司提交公司和展会的产品信息。 nutrishop.com的工作人员会将您的信息存入系统并提供系统账号,以便您随时可以更新信息。



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