New Source of Dry Brewer’s Yeast Secured LLC has secured a source of dry brewers yeast, food grade and feed grade, and we are ready to sell the products to the customers in the United States.

The dry brewers yeast products have been sold in large volumes to the European market for years.  the products have been now accepted by a few key U.S. players in the pet food industry.  The dry brewer’s yeast products under the trademark Fungusto™, owned by LLC, are very attractive to the pet food companies in the United States.   For one thing, the palatability of these dry brewer’s yeast products is of high performance.

Contact us if your organization is seeking to buy high quality feed-grade dry brewer’s yeast products for your pet foods.  The American pets deserve foods made of the very best ingredients!

Also remember that LLC has the solutions to help manufacturers to develop pet foods with high palatability.  Contact us to see how we can help your organization.

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