China Light Industry Standard Catalog (2009)

This book in Chinese covers all the Chinese National Standards applicable to the products in the consumer product industry (called light industry in China). Read below for details about the book.

“China Light Industry Standard Catalog (2009),” a collection of the current national standards approved as of the end of 2009 with 4021 industrial standards among which 2369 are standards established by the government.

The book consists of two parts, classified categories and indices. There are 45 categories or classes of products including paper, salt, bicycles, sewing machines, watches, household glass, household enamel, ceramics, glassware, glasses, photographic materials, electric light, lighting, primary batteries, cleaning supplies, spice flavors, cosmetics, ink, three glue, matches, toothpaste, wax products, food (comprehensive, wine, sugar, fermented, canned food, beverages, dairy products, other food, food additives), plastics, leather fur, feather, footwear, accessories , fireworks, carpet, toys, hardware, tools, hardware, architectural hardware, household appliances, stationery, sporting goods, musical instruments, furniture, household sundries, scales, light machinery, packaging, labor safety and others like industrial construction.

“China light Industry standard catalog (2009)” comes with indices for the national standards and industrial standards at the end of the book.

Author: China Light Industry Federation Integrated Services Department, China Standard Press first newsroom Code Series Title: Publisher: China Standard Press ISBN: Publication date: 2010-05-01 ver.: 1 Pages: 321

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