Books Flavor Chemists May Want to Read

Listed below are some books that flavorists or flavor chemists may find helpful.

  • David J. Rowe, (2005) Chemistry and Technology of Flavors and Fragrances
    Gerard Mosciano (2006) Successful Flavors from formulation to QC to applications and beyond
  • Gary Reineccius (2006) Flavor Chemistry and Technology (2nd ed.)
  • Donalds S. Mottram and Andrew J. Taylor (2010) Controlling Maillard Pathways to Generate Flavors (ACS Symposium Series 1042)
  • Henry B Heath (1978), Flavor Technology, Profiles, Products, Applications
  • Gary A. Reineccius and Terry A. Reineccius (ed.) (2002) Heteroatomic Aroma Compounds (ACS Symposium Series 826)
  • John Wright (2004) Flavor Creation.
  • H.D. Belitz, W. Grosch and P. Schieberle (2004) (3rd ed.) Food Chemistry
  • Andrew J. Taylor and Robert S.T. Linforth (2010)  Food Flavour Technology (2nd ed)
  • Cynthia J. Mussinan and Mary E. Keelan (1994) Sulfur Compounds in Foods (AS sympodium series 564)
  • Sara J. Risch and Chi-Tang Ho (2000) Flavor Chemistry. Industrial and Academic Research (ACS symposium series) (756)
  • Andrew Taylor and Joanne Hort (2007) Modifying flavour in food
  • F. Shahidi (1998) Flavor of Meat, Meat Products and Seafoods (2nd ed)
  • Philip R. Ashurst (1999) Food Flavorings (3rd ed)
  • Deepthi K. Weerasinghe and Mathias K. Sucan (2005) Process and Reaction Flavors Recent Developments (ACS symposium 905)
  • F. Shahidi and Chi-Tang Ho (1999) Flavor Chemistry of Ethnic Foods

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