Nutrishop.com™ as a broker/distributor and a sourcing agent serves multiple industries worldwide including food, flavor, feed, dietary supplement and personal care industries.  We also provide technical solutions to help manufacturers in the industries to develop products with a competitive edge.  Please read our blog, news, knowledge and resources or contact us now.  Nutrishop.com is now part of foodagency.com.

Nutrishop.com™ 的经纪人/经销商和采购代理服务于多个行业,包括世界各地的食品,香精,饲料,保健品和个人护理产品行业。我们还提供技术解决方案,以帮助制造商在行业拓展具有竞争优势的产品。请仔细阅读我们的博客新闻知识库资源,或与我们联系